by Shannon Graessle - Sept 19 2017

It’s a question we’ve been asking over and over again in our personal lives and in preparation to bring our labor of love, The Bud Co., onto your screens. We began this journey out of our own need to put fear and apathy to rest and begin confidently pursuing a life rooted in identity. As 20-somethings we kept seeing and hearing ourselves and friends fall into a cycle of laying awake at night asking “what am I suppose to do in life / in school / in transition / in my career?” and then not having any real resource to do the hard work of figuring out an answer— or worse, we would be answered with Sunday School cliches that while held truth, lacked substance. 

The thing is, we’re not experts on identity, unless you count real-life struggle with the topic a means of learning, but we’re unceasingly pursuing truth on the topic and leaning into The Word and wise council as we give us all the resources we need to take hold of our God-Given Identity confidently and live it out on a daily basis. 

This is about where we start asking Where is this going? And here is our answer, God-willing this becomes a community driven by vulnerability that participates in Bud Co. conferences, workbooks, social gatherings and friendship. It’s easier said than done though, and we want to take intentional, impactful steps as we bring The Bud Co. into fruition, and we want to do so not out of self-absorbed ambition but with the intention to glorify our God and serve you. So we’re starting with the practicals. In early 2018 we’ll officially be launching the first installment of our Bud Co. Periodical/Magazine/Workbook and inviting you to officially participate as a Bud Co. Family member. Until then you can expect sneak peeks, blog posts, maybe the occasional podcast (if we get real ambitious) and a whole lot of other goodness including authentic conversation and vulnerable challenges around the idea of God-Given Identity. 

We sincerely hope to call you a Bud, because sis you’re already considered family in Christ. 
XoXo,  Shan and Ash


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