by Shannon Graessle - Oct 5 2017

“Tell me about yourself”, may be the most dreaded statement of all time. At it’s very utterance our minds start racing and going through all the things we do to try and piece together some sort of persona to sufficiently answer, but if you’re like me, after I finish word vomiting all the roles I play I’m left thinking “that’s not me at all ”. Gosh, It’s a question (that isn’t even a question!) that leaves us questioning ourselves and wondering why in the world we’re so awkward. Am I wrong?

But Bud, we need to talk— We need to start the conversation about who we are in a way that’s not uncomfortable, but to do that we need to just start talking about identity in general, cause right now its as if someone passed us a mic to give a speech on a topic we’ve never even studied before, when were simply asked to talk about who we are! 

You were made to be known, you were made for relationship, both vertically and horizontally— with your creator and with community Yet, so often we feel like something is missing because we don’t know how to allow ourselves to be fully known because A) We don’t know ourselves B) We buy into the lie that it’s rude/selfish to talk about ourselves or that people don’t really care about our who. Or C) We see identity as what we do not who who we are, and because what we do will never live up to who we are in Christ, the discrepancy leaves us feeling uneasy about talking about our “doing ”because it doesn’t reach who you are. 

But can we just speak something over you? If you aren’t speaking His truth in your life and sharing your story, it’s a missed opportunity to reveal our God’s glory (Isaiah 49:3), and I think we can all agree that we could use more of that in our every day lives. 

In God’s glory though, we find so much more. We find His kindness giving us wisdom and perspective to start answering questions of purpose, contentment and direction— In seeking our identity in Him we gain clarity on so much more because there is always more than we ever could hope or imagine in Christ (Ephesians 3:20). 

So as we dig in and begin to reap the benefits of being rooted in identity we will continue to come back to the Throne with thankful hearts and the first-fruits of His goodness towards us. 
Bud, we need to talk— ‘Cause there’s some goooooood stuff ahead.


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