by Holly and Tara - May 16 2018

Meet Holly and Tara— They’re two buds who have worked through Sow + Dew Vol. 1 and wrote a SONG to remind them of their identity in Christ. WHAT! How cool is our God?! Take a minute and read their story below!

Holly’s thoughts about being a mentor:
1. What does your discipleship with Tara look like on a weekly basis?
Every week Tara and I meet for 1.5 hours (sometimes 2 hours!). We start our time swapping prayer requests, and then we go over the verses we memorized together for the week. Afterwards, we pray for the Lord to meet with us and we dive into scripture (we’ve also done scripture + Christian novel). We currently are working through The Bud Co. Workbook (Facing Shame//Activating Truth) – which has been a huge encouragement.

2. Talk to us about the importance of discipleship and mentorship
The Lord tells us to make disciples in Matthew 28:19, it’s a command, but it’s also a total privilege. We were created to be in fellowship and we need other believers to help us growth, keep us accountable, and point us back to Jesus continually.

3. Share with us your heart behind wanting to mentor young women
I meet a lot of women who are afraid that they cannot disciple because they are not “good enough” at reading the bible. The thing is, discipleship is really quite simple. It’s essentially saying, “Hey I’m walking with Jesus today, come with.” I’ve had women ask me if I’ve taken a class on how to disciple or how I learned, and the truth is, I pray, ask the Lord to teach us both, and take a step of faith. Anything we learn or discuss is God’s wisdom revealed to us by His Holy Spirit. The enemy wants women to fear that they aren’t smart enough, good enough, or wise enough but you don’t have to be a biblical scholar to encourage sometime to love the Lord, love people, and pursue godliness.

Tara’s thoughts on being discipled: 
1. What is the best part about having a mentor like Holly in your life?
I just love that Holly can be a mentor who pushes me to grow in my faith, but who can also be an honest and trustworthy friend. She is someone I can turn to not only for advice and support in my walk with Christ, but also for the fun times, laughs, and memories. She keeps me accountable, challenges me, and guides me when I need it. More importantly, she is my own personal cheerleader, confidant, encourager, and dear friend.

2. What is the biggest difference pre-mentor and post-mentor in your walk with Christ?
“Run to the throne, not the phone.” This is something Holly has encouraged me to do from day one of discipleship. Prior to meeting Holly, I would constantly seek counsel from others. Thankfully, Holly constantly encourages me to go to the throne before the phone whenever I encounter troubling times. Seeking prayer first will allow the Lord to lead and guide me through the Holy Spirit. He is the one who will choose the right counselor for me, whether it is Himself or someone He has placed in my life to offer wisdom and insight.

3. What is the Lord teaching you through this relationship in the importance of vulnerability?
When I hear the word “vulnerability” I immediately think of weakness. Honestly, this is something that you would not necessarily consider good or admirable. However, God loves us even in our weak, vulnerable moments simply because it allows us to draw closer to Him. He desires to meet us in our moments of need so He can provide His unconditional love and grace to us. Vulnerability reminds us that we are dependent and that God is sufficient. Vulnerability pushes us to turn our hearts and eyes to Him as we cry out for His wisdom, comfort, and guidance. Vulnerability allows us to let the truths and promises of Scripture to fill our hearts and minds as we face challenging situations.

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