The Bud Co was born out of our own need to hear truth about WHO we are, not what we should DO. We realized that so many of us are in the same boat-- paralyzed by the thought that we are missing out on our “purpose”, feeling like everyone else has their “thing”, and lost in the in-between transitions of one season to the next. We knew the answer was being rooted in identity but became quickly frustrated by “sunday-school answers” that left asking, “But, how?”. We were convicted by the thought that if we focused less on doing and more on who we are and created to be, AND living that out day to day,  the crippling questions of life would fall into place because we would be secure in our identity in tangible ways.

So we pursued the idea of The Bud Co. A place where buds would come together and cheer on each other’s budding into the women they actually already are. But the question remained: how do we do this? Our answer: discipline, encouragement, insight, and vulnerability. We glean wisdom from those around us, ask real, hard questions and invite you into and demonstrate a culture of vulnerability, but most of all we listen to what our God says about us and then go from there. Our belief? That by engaging our community, putting in the work to ask ourselves hard questions and find our own answers, and by humbly pursuing truth, He will reveal what we need to know and equip us with the tools to walk out our identity. Our promise? This isn’t just a one time event, workshop, or answer. This is a dedicated lifestyle rooted in a Kingdom mindset NOT a more-for-me mindset.

So will you join us? Will you allow your authentic self  to finally take refuge and dig deeply into ALL of who you  are-- Your dreams, fears, shame, strengths, weaknesses, myers briggs, promises, passions, talents, roles and unknowable truths, and not for your own gain but for His? Are you ready for a community that challenges you to see yourself, maybe for the first time ever, and walk out identity together, fully equipped to live out of purpose rooted in our unique calling and do it confidently and passionately to boot? We sure are, and we could use a bud.


The annoyingly positive (in the best way) dreamer and professional happy dancer who won’t take “it can’t be done”, as an answer.



The master planner with a few tricks up her sleeves-- including leaving everyone she meets believing they can be and do more than they thought possible.