by Shannon Graessle - Nov 9 2017

The pages and words that will fill them have been prayed over and hoped for, for months now. Sow + Dew is our first step as a community to do everyday life together and begin reframing the conversation of God-Given Identity as we walk hand and hand, supporting each other and taking hold of BOLD confidence. 

But! You may be wondering, “What exactly is Sow + Dew and what can I expect?”

Well we are so glad you asked because we have been dreaming of the day we can chat with you about all we have in mind for Sow + Dew and how it began. 

We chose the name Sow + Dew, out of our own need for truth and conviction in our life. Sow, comes from a desire to sow seeds of truth and life into our community, and challenge our own hearts to be fertile ground for those seeds to take root and flourish, just like in Jesus’ parable (Matt. 13). Dew, is a reminder of our fleeting life here on earth and our true home as citizens of Heaven (James 4:14) but also a prayer that the pages we create would be like the heavenly dew in Exodus that nourished and sustained God’s people (Exodus 16:13-14 , Hosea 14:5 ). 

With our name as an anthem, we are pressing in to what God chooses to do with this publication, and are determined to give him ALL the glory with each break through, that comes with Sow + Dew. We knew from the beginning we wanted these pages to be inspiring, but most of all practical. Something that would touch everyday lives, and begin the process of connecting who we know God calls us to how we live.

So began pursuing the idea of “Begin”, which is the theme of our Winter Issue. We are talking everything that comes with stepping into this journey intentionally, with topics covering everything from living vulnerably and casting out shame to reframing self-care, picking up what He has for us and leaving behind what we wish we could be and talking about what “authenticity” really looks like. We are so excited to be hearing from an all-star line up of authors  that we can’t wait to start revealing to you next week. We wouldn’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting to be best friends with these amazing souls, just like us! 

What we are most excited for you to engage with though, is our workbook portion of Sow + Dew— A six week challenge that will beckon you to start combating lies in your life and begin replacing them with truth and understanding of how God sees you. We are convinced that we must address who the world has convinced us we are before we can fully take hold of, and live out, the identity Jesus won for us. 

There are also fun features that will bring your community together over good good food, fun crafts, and inspire you to shop brands that are making a difference in our world for the glory of God. 

We are expectant of all Jesus has in store for us, as we officially release Sow + Dew this December. As we said before, this is only our Winter edition! With each new season Sow + Dew will be challenging The Bud Co. community with vision for our journey together. 

For now! You can join the party and Pre-Order Sow + Dew. We promise, and pray, your everyday will be blessed by the words it holds. http://thebudco.org/our-store 

PS: All orders placed by November 30th are guaranteed by Christmas!


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