by Beth Fluty - April 26 2018

Hey, you!  Jesus is coming back SO SOON! Maybe today! We aren’t sure when, but we know it’s in the works. I’m pumped, are you?! That being said, there is much to be done for us to prepare for that day of His coming.

I want to remind you that in Matthew 7:21 we are told “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.” This is real stuff, ladies. If we paraphrase this verse it becomes clear that not everyone who thinks they are on their way to Heaven are actually on their way to Heaven. I don’t say this to ruin your day, but I do kind of want to make you uncomfy. How many people who you know and love are lukewarm in their faith? Maybe they believe in the Lord and His goodness but don’t actually live according to that truth. Are you sometimes that way? I sure am! This verse convicts me.  Verses 22 & 23: “On that day many will say to me, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do many mighty works in your name?’ And then will I declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness.’”

...Can you imagine?  ...Can you imagine living your life thinking your seat’s been reserved up there on the other side of those pearly gates, only to show up on the day of His coming and be turned away by the words “I never knew you.” ?

I. Never. Knew. You.

I can’t imagine. Forget the fear of hell, can you imagine disappointing our Heavenly Father in that way? I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemies, even on a cloudy Monday.

The good news: Within these verses we do receive a helpful hint for living a life of vibrant faith and action, leading to eternity in Heaven: We simply have to do God’s will. However, when I consider this commandment, I can’t pretend to ignore the fact that our culture points us constantly away from doing God’s will. In fact our current cultural climate (even within the church dare I say) points us evermore toward doing OUR OWN will. It is evident in the tiny self-shrines that are our social media profiles. It is evident in the way we encourage one another to make rational plans to control all big events in our life: where we will go to college, what kind of job we will get, when we will get married, have kids. We feel the need to have total control over our future and our comfort here on Earth. We are just sure that our own desires should reign supreme. It’s broadcast on our televisions and plastered on the magazine covers in the grocery store checkout line. We justify our worst temptations and our idols, saying “Everything in moderation!” And most of us spend almost every waking minute of our day considering how to make the next day even better for ourselves. Friends, we are in danger.

Take time to consider what opportunities you have to put this whole “following God’s will” thing into action immediately. What choices are you faced with today that you can pray about for God’s will to be revealed to you? Maybe you know God’s will deep down and you just need a nudge to take that leap of faith in the right direction. Well, here’s your nudge!  Here are some more practical ways we can seek and DO God’s will every day:  Claim Jesus as your best friend. If we haven’t each given our whole life over to Jesus then we won’t be able to understand the will of God, and we won’t have the genuine motivation to do His will either! Maybe you have already given your life to Christ and are working on your relationship with Him daily. Amazing! Keep it up! If you haven’t, there’s never been a better time than right now to make that decision!  Obey His commandments. Okay, so no one will get this quite perfect because we are a broken people, but if we start by knowing his commands (aka reading our Bibles!) and trying to uphold them on a daily basis then we’re off to a good start! When we do follow his commandments we are 10 times out of 10 guaranteed to be doing His will! Pray. Listen. Pray again. Act. All too often we mention praying about decisions or struggles in our lives, but we’ve got to start pairing that with faith-filled action. Mix silent listening and time for reflection into a habit of daily prayer. When you feel pretty confident that God is leading you in a clear direction, take action boldly and see the fruit the comes from doing His will! Don’t be afraid of what God may be asking you to do. If it looks a little wacky to the rest of the world or to the non-Christian influences in your life, oftentimes it’s exactly what God is leading you toward! Start with small opportunities to step outside your comfort zone, such as stopping to help a stranger in need and offering to pray for them.  Love People. Love radically. Choose love even when it is hard. Send that unexpected Thank You note. Serve others and sacrifice for them.  Share the Gospel. Again, can’t go wrong doing something God directly commands us to do. Begin by praying for Him to make opportunities to share your testimony with someone in your life!

Ladies, we’ve got to fight our flesh. We can’t do it alone. You can’t, and your best friend can’t, and I can’t either. Will you join me? Can we fight the lies of our world together? Can we pray for God’s will to become the top priority?  I hope you know that you are created infinitely unique and you have been lavished with a love that outlasts all others. We can’t even begin to imagine the brilliance of Jesus’ return and the everlasting life we are promised to share with Him if we are prepared for it. I’m praying for you all. Will you pray for me?


Howdy! I'm Beth Fluty and I'm currently finishing grad school with degrees in music and education! I have a brilliant husband who makes my world go round and together we play board games, peruse antique shops, and watch TOO MUCH Netflix. I'm a visionary, always dreaming up something, so I also aspire to someday be a mother, a hairstylist, an event planner, and a yoga instructor (once I finally learn to do yoga myself). I believe in fresh flowers and a cup of tea, and living simply. You can find me on Instagram: @missnewfluty and at my blog:


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