by Laura Perez - March 7 2018

I honestly find it so hilarious that the title of my blog post is “Making Time for HIM in Light of the World’s Distractions” when at one point in the process of writing this post I had a moment of “my life is too crazy right now I don’t have time to write this!!!” and then I remembered what my topic was... Funny how God has a way of doing that.
Lately, my life has been a hot mess. The “world’s distractions” are definitely coming at me full force right about now. My family is in the process of moving, I’m a 4th grade teacher, I’m a part of an organization that throws monthly events for our apartment community, oh and did I mention I just had a baby a month ago and sleeping and showering no longer seem to be a part of my daily vocabulary. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of these things, but lately I have been filling my days with mindlessly scrolling through my phone and watching episode after episode of One Tree Hill and Parenthood; because what else are you supposed to do when it feels like you have a baby attached to your chest 24/7?

I have some good family friends that have a saying in their home: Disconnect to Connect. They use this phrase quite often to remind each other to be present and engaged with one another. To turn off the device and have a conversation, go on a hike together, or maybe play a board game; just have some good old fashion quality time.  

My family has coined this phrase as well and my husband and I jokingly remind each other of it when we see the other person on their phone. In the midst of the chaos of life I have found myself wondering what it would look like to take this phrase “Disconnect to Connect” into our relationship with God. Almost instantly after having that thought, I stumbled upon this verse while mindlessly scrolling through Pinterest during a middle of the night breastfeeding session: “You’re My place of quiet retreat; I wait for Your Word to renew me.” -Psalm 119:114 (MSG) ...Cue the tears because man oh man was I in need of some renewing. To me “waiting for God’s word to renew me” truly looks like disconnecting from the world and sitting in the presence of God. And i don’t just mean setting your “quiet time timer” for 30 minutes, skimming through a passage, maybe journaling a few notes or prayers, but I mean dwelling in the quiet and stillness, meditating on his word, and truly allowing it to renew you. Allow yourself to listen for Him, hear from Him, and dwell with your good good father. 

I know what some of you are already thinking because I’ve thought it too. How many times have you used the excuse “What if I just can’t HEAR God...”? I know I’m guilty. I just can’t hear God when I’m on my fourth episode of Parenthood in a row. I just can’t hear God when I’ve scrolled through the same pictures on my Instagram feed five times just waiting for a new post to appear. I just can’t hear God when I’m on my way to work blasting the Taylor Swift album and jamming out. I just can’t hear God when the first thing I do when a problem arises is disconnect myself in order to ignore it rather than face it head on and bring it to Jesus. But my question for you is this: Are you really trying to wait on God and hear from Him? I know most of the time my answer is no because I am just “too busy”.  

There is a single verse that draws me back to God every time I seem to get distracted by the world around me. (Which is far too often than I would like to admit.) “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” -Jeremiah 29:13 This verse always gets under my skin and forces me to confront my sin and my ugly heart by asking myself, “Have you been seeking God with all your heart?” While I would like to say yes, most of the time I can’t. I’m definitely not seeking God with all my heart when I’m so absorbed with everything going on in my life I can hardly remember to pray before a meal. Then I feel convicted, because that one’s on me - not God. It’s not that God isn’t speaking to me; it’s that I’m not even trying to listen from Him. But THANK YOU JESUS that there is grace and He is always always ready to forgive me and pull me back in to His loving arms. 

So my question for you is this: Are you seeking God with ALL your heart? If your answer is no, I challenge you today: Disconnect to Connect. Turn off the noise. Put the phone down. Tell Netflix that no, you’re not still watching. Open up that book full of truth. And wait for God’s Word to renew you.


I’m Laura and I am an old soul at heart. I love staying in, taking baths, going to bed early, and spending slow Saturday mornings with my family. I have an incredibly gracious and forgiving husband named Joey, and the sweetest, happiest, and easiest seven week old daughter named Elliott. Some of my favorite things to do are to water color in my Bible, go to concerts with my husband, play Code Names, and hike. You can find me on Instagram at @laurarachelleperez and I would LOVE to connect with you because community is just the best thing ever.


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