by Shannon Graessle - Oct 24 2017

What are you hiding behind? Where are you bending to fit the mold of the world, rather than letting your maker shape you?

A friend and everything they’re passionate about? // Your parents and their expectations? // “Spirituality” and a desire to lead // Status and a desire for a platform? // An overloaded schedule and its definition of worth and success?

Don't we all do this? We look around us, and it seems like everyone is trying to add more and more to their list of roles, responsibilities and influence. We’re preaching more is better and rest is lack. So we keep going, we keep adding and balancing and striving to increase our worth by collecting sources of significance, because surely one of them will satisfy, surely one of them will stick. Right? 

So our eyes become fixed on her— that girl on Instagram, the woman who got the promotion we deserved, our friend who seems to always be one step ahead, and of course, the always out of reach “perfect woman” in our head— picking up and collecting all the things we want to be instead of pressing into the unique, non-mass-produced, child of God, He created us to be. Our eyes become obsessed with our place at the table instead of embracing who invited us to sit and commune with Him. We fool ourselves into thinking we are beggars, hiding under the table and scouring for scraps. Then, finally it happens, our addiction to comparison chokes out our calling and our desire to be like her and her and her, forsakes the creativity of the Father.

But Bud, that’s not you— none of that is. You were sat at a lavished table— at a place made just for you, and were told to have your fill. So girl, why are you hiding under the table? Get up! Sit in YOUR chair, let your true face be seen— the one lit up by new life in Christ. The one that sings of what He has done in your life, not the one that wishes for a different story. The one who is marked by unconditional love, not by “almosts” and failures. The one that is called beautiful and beloved. 

Look to Jesus and ask, what do you have for ME, and what have I chosen over you? Then have your fill of grace and purpose at the table set for you. XOXO


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